completion date: january 2018

Inspired by the Florida Modernists, this sub-tropical design was born out of a thorough analysis of the surrounding context.  Located just a few blocks away from an active draw-bridge, the mass of the building was designed as an L-shape in order to shield the noise emanating from the bridge, while allowing for generous outdoor spaces that extend out from the interior. 

The entry is revealed by a composition of framed geometries that provide movement along the front façade and create a layered entry experience.  In order to capitalize on the impressive views towards the water and shield the interior spaces from harsh western exposure, a series of wooden vertical fins embellish the façade in a rhythmic pattern. 

Designed for a family of four, this waterfront home maximizes the use of its lot through a combination of interior and exterior spaces, shielded from harsh exposure and protected from nearby urban clamor.