The wreck

private commission. 2019

A significant anecdote to the incredible success story of Formula 1 driver, Niki Lauda, is during the 1976 German Grand Prix where, after swerving his Ferrari off the track, he hit an embankment and burst his car into flames causing severe burns to his head and significant damage to his lungs. Shortly after coming out of a brief coma, Lauda returned to racing, 6 weeks later, finishing fourth at the Italian Grand Prix and won his second Ferrari crown the year after his accident. Lauda is a three-time F1 Worlds Drivers’ Champion and passed away May 20th, 2019.

The approach to the design of this unique sculpture aims to depart from traditional display case design and discover a narrative that supports the sublime nature of the helmet itself. Our ambition is to elevate the importance of the helmet by curating an integrated story of the sport of Formula One racing and more specifically, the driver of that particular helmet.

The main body of the sculpture is crafted out of re-purposed road steel. It’s evolution from a mere utilitarian material in the roadway to a more sophisticated and artistic assemblage signifies Lauda’s defiance as a champion F-1 driver.

The result of the composition creates a beautiful display for the helmet, but also allows the piece to be appreciated as art within the whole.