parkway residence

GOLDEN beach, florida

Completion date: winter 2020

The design of this home is in direct response to it’s site, context and program. A larger critique on nearby  site-dominant homes which seem to overwhelm their site, we wanted this home to re-unite with a forgotten Florida archetype - the courtyard home. The clients, a young family of 5, made it clear that their time is spent divided equally between indoor and outdoor. Therefore, we were tasked with creating a series of both indoor and outdoor spaces for relaxation, entertaining and exercising. The solution was to create a layered sequence of spaces defined by programmatic volumes and curated gardens.

The ground floor parti is arranged into three main pavilions — one service, one formal and one informal, reserved for family functions within the home. The pavilions are positioned to frame a courtyard which connects through the formal pavilion and out onto the pool deck. Above this, two bedroom volumes enclose the courtyard on either side. Connected by a suspended bridge, one volume contains the children’s bedrooms while the other is reserved for the master suite. In order to better respond to the view, the master bedroom volume rotates over the courtyard, creating a comfortable covered space below and an interesting dynamic on the facade.

A combination of exposed concrete, natural stone and a thermally treated wood help define the volumes of the facade. The interior spaces of the home are layered and deep, seamlessly flowing from indoor to outdoor and flooded with natural light. The result of the design reconnects the family with the outdoor surrounding gardens while meeting the programmatic demands of the modern family.