raw pop-up

miami art week - 2018

miami music box

The Miami Music Project uses music as an instrument for social change, transforming the lives of children from Miami’s most under-served communities.  For these children, music becomes a bridge from a dim and isolated past to a bright and welcoming future.  The Miami Music Box captures the transformative power of the Miami Music Project in a multi-sensory journey of sound, shapes and light.  The segregated dressing rooms of the historic Burdines flagship provide a uniquely dramatic setting for the experience.  A sobering vestige from a dark past, the space feels equal parts forgotten memory and timely reminder.  A place designed to divide and diminish.  A striking contrast to the experience of inclusion and empowerment that is the essence of the Miami Music Project.  Against these austere walls of division, the radiant octahedron that is the Miami Music Box shines most bright.  Its multiple reflective facets reflect the boundless possibilities revealed through the transformative power of music.