marina tower


completion date: tbd

When asked to renovate an existing condominium lobby, we first needed to investigate what a "lobby" is. Through a discussion with the residents and a thorough analysis of the space, we determined that the lobby is more than a just a transitional space. It needs to serve a purpose and become another amenity for the building.  The residents wanted the lobby to become the "living room" for the building, a community space. We wanted the space to last, so we used a refined material palette of bronze, white and grey marble together with accents of wood to provide warmth to the space.  The materials help define the subtle transitions from open lobby, to elevator lobby, all while keeping it open and visually connected. The furniture and art are curated to promote social interaction and engagement with fellow residents.  The design for this space draws from the architectural character of the building exterior, while allowing the interior to manifest a clean, sophisticated and timeless personality of its own.