bayfront circle

miami, FLORIDA

2017 AIA Miami Honor Award of Excellence

2019 AIA Florida Merit Award of Excellence

completion date: tbd

When hired to design this structure, we looked no further than the city itself for inspiration.  It was imperative that our ambition through the design did not prohibit the experience of enjoying a show while within a public outdoor space on the bay in Downtown Miami. Drawing inspiration from the nearby historic Tequesta burial ground site, The Miami Circle, and Miami’s diversity of cultures, we found that the elemental form of a circle was the perfect symbol for the project.

 Like most forward-thinking projects, the design for this roof pavilion required purpose beyond the functional requirements of a music venue.  The process started with analysis and research into each stakeholder, including the client, the community and the city at large.  External factors such as sun, wind and acoustics were carefully surveyed to curate the wholistic experience of the visitor.  The venue itself required protection from the harsh Miami sun, while still allowing patrons to engage with the sensations of the outdoor bayfront location.  Therefore, a retractable canopy was proposed.  In addition to protecting from sun and rain, the awning also becomes a canvas for projections and display while simultaneously enhancing acoustics. 

Topped with over 1,000 solar panels, the circular structure glows at night to showcase the energy collected from the sun during the day.  At more than 24,000 square feet, the structure would be one of the largest urban solar projects in the country, and symbolic of the city’s support to green energy. The result is a glowing symbol of unity, infinite energy and inclusion dedicated to the diverse community of Miami. 

This amphitheater has been re-invigorated to create a new experience for both concert goers and the community. Musical performances, social gatherings, and world-renowned festivals will be heightened by culture and innovation, all the while, creating a new identifiable object for the city of Miami.