design center of the americas
dania beach, florida

Completion date: tbd

When commissioned to design the new home for Armazem / US the design directive from the client was clear- To avoid the conventional showroom design and really focus on creating an environment for experience. Jonatas Fante and Marcel Mengolla, CEO and VP of Business Development respectively, wanted their visitors to feel at home. To be able to circulate from space to space with subtle transitions showcasing the product in context. As designers and architects, we provide a unique perspective as we are, in a way, the clients of Armazem.

That said, we were able to synthesize the client’s expectations with our own in order to translate a holistic experience within the space.

The design began with an in-depth study into’s brand. One focused on curating a lifestyle experience with of a team of diverse and passionate designers. It was clear that the brand required the flexibility to evolve over time in order to maintain fresh ideas and to stay in front of recent trends. The brand itself is composed of 5 main components, Architectural products, decorative lighting, cabinetry/millwork, indoor furniture and outdoor furniture. Above all, and probably what interests us most about, is the fact that they

are a design resource. As a design firm, we view as an extension of our office, equipped with spaces reserved for interactive and comprehensive design workshops.

The design consisted of three main strategies. The first was to maximize circulation throughout the space and to optimize the unique geometries within the existing space. The second was to organize the program around centrally located design rooms which would be enclosed in glass and celebrated as the core of the brand. The third strategy was to distribute the program in a way that would reflect three lofts and an exterior space, to showcase the outdoor furniture collection. A backdrop of subtle materials such as polished concrete and white museum-like

walls became the canvass to display the beautiful products that make up the collection. Texture was achieved through the use of light and shadow and pops of color highlight accents with in the space.

The overall experience in working with a talented team was collaborative and reflected the very nature of the company’s brand.